Bethany Morley

1. Will you be voting in the elections on May 7th?


2. Why have you taken this decision?

Because I am interested in politics and I believe that parties offer different policies which could affect different parts of everyday life.

3. If you have decided to vote, have you decided who you will vote for?

Yes I have decided who I will be voting for.

4. Will the majority of your friends (aged 18+) be voting?

I believe that most of my friends who are overage will be voting this year

5. Do you think young people are engaged with politics and feel properly informed about the issues at hand?

I personally believe that it is difficult for young people to engage in politics due to the lack of resources available to us. I think that the government could do more to engage young people when discussing politics and could offer more opportunities to discuss politics.

6. What issues are most important to you?

What interests me most is health care as it is crucial for funds to be available for health care services/settings.

7. When you think of a politician, what are the first three words that come into your head?

Loud, stubborn and assertive

8. How could a politician appeal to you in order to get your vote?

Come and visit our colleges and sixth forms etc. and speak to the students rather than just speaking over the television and send us a list of what their proposals are rather than us having to research the parties or having to watch the debates. Giving us the resources allows us to know the important information which will make a basis for who we vote for. It will then allow me to make a decision on which party I will vote for.

9. What do you think could encourage more young people to get talking about politics?

Debates in classes in schools and colleges about everyday matters such as healthcare I believe will help to engage students about politics as it gives them an opportunity to announce their opinions in a way which is not too pressured. I think also teachers in a non-biased way explaining the parties policies could make it easier for students as they can be wordy and that can especially make it difficult for those with learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

10. Will you be watching the TV Leadership Debates?

I will probably not be watching them as they are not shown in a way which interests me and I already know who I will be voting for.

11. Which channels most inform your views on politics? (Eg. BBC news, broadsheets, actively seeking party manifestos, social media, TV leadership debates, etc)

I occasionally watch the news on either BBC or ITV but I don’t really find the way television presents politics interesting.

12. Do you think local councillors in Milton Keynes serve the young population well?

I believe that in a way they do but I do think there are ways in which they could improve on which could make politics interesting for young people.


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