Reuben Lyimo

1. Will you be voting in the elections on May 7th?


2. Why have you taken this decision?

Because I want my voice to be heard in Milton Keynes

3. If you have decided to vote, have you decided who you will vote for?


4. Will the majority of your friends (aged 18+) be voting?


5. Do you think young people are engaged with politics and feel properly informed about the issues at hand?

No because they think all politicians are the same and they make hypocritical decisions or they do not do what they promised

6. What issues are most important to you?

Finding jobs, university fees, membership of the EU and the fact we barley make any of the rules, illegal immigration, NHS, army cuts, and the fact that our debt is over a trillion pounds and the government has not addressed it

7. When you think of a politician, what are the first three words that come into your head?

Leader, caring, and listener

8. How could a politician appeal to you in order to get your vote?

Address issues that are effecting me and my local community for example the lack of jobs for young people

9. What do you think could encourage more young people to get talking about politics?

If politicians would stick to at least one thing they promise to do for their area then young people are more likely to be engaged. Also politcians should vist sixth forms to tell students what they would do for them and where they can contact their local mp so young people can address issues in their community

10. Will you be watching the TV Leadership Debates?


11. Which channels most inform your views on politics? (Eg. BBC news, broadsheets, actively seeking party manifestos, social media, TV leadership debates, etc)

News, leadership debates

12. Do you think local councillors in Milton Keynes serve the young population well?



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