HIT Training

HIT Training offers young people with no experience or qualifications the opportunity to acquire a job in the hotel and catering industry. Basic work skills, catering qualifications and real work experience opens the door to a paid job.

A traineeship is available to young people aged 1Chef Training6-23. Trainees attend an initial three weeks training in which they complete a C&G L1 Hospitality qualification and either a L1 or L2 Employability & Personal Development qualification, as well as their Food Safety and Health and Safety qualifications.

After week three the young people are then placed with local hospitality employers to commence a period of work experience. A trainee has to complete a minimum of six weeks work experience but can spend up to five months with an employer depending on how much experience they wish to gain or until they feel work ready. They would be available to work three or four days a week at the workplace with uniform and travel costs covered by the employer. One day a week trainees will return to HIT improving their numeracy and literacy skills (functional skills) if necessary, together with appropriate vocational skills.

At the end of the Traineeship the employer would be required to offer them either a job/apprenticeship interview or exit interview. At any time during the work experience the employer can offer the young person paid employment if they have a vacancy or want them to become a permanent member of their team. Alternatively the employer can return the young person to HIT with the experience gained which can be updated onto their CV, as well as a reference. The employer would be requested to provide a formal exit interview for the trainee and we will assist them to find a job or further work experience from this point on.

For more information, please click here.


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