Unity Youth Centre

Take a look at Unity Youth Centre’s programme of events and see if there is something that you’d like to get involved in:

Girls Group

Monday 2.45-4pm

After school club at Sir Herbert Leon Academy. This project works closely with learning mentors and offers a wide variety of activities including school trips and outings.

Open Access Club

Tuesday 5-7pm

Open access session for all young people aged 13-19. This project aims to provide a range of enjoyable activities promoting fitness, health, cooking, food nutrition, music, art, trips, outings and much more.

Lunch time Drop-In

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12.00-2.30pm

For all young people aged 16-19. This project provides a great opportunity for young people to chill out and enjoy their lunchbreak in a safe, welcoming environment. Free hot and cold drinks are provided as well as access to the internet, playstation, games as well as the opportunity to learn music from a qualified tutor.

Inters Club

Wednesday 5-7pm

This club aims to provide personal and social development opportunities for children aged 11-14 through a variety of planned activities such as music, playing pool, playstation, pizza, cakes and cocktail making, quizzes, DJing, music making, trips, outings and much more.

Job Club

Thursday 2-4pm

Drop-in session for young people aged 16-19 running in partnership with Connexions, this sessions aims to provide information, guidance, and practical support with CV writing and job applications as well as advice on further education and training.

Craft Club

Thursday 4-5.30pm

Craft Club is a project that aims to provide intergenerational learning by uniting skilled and enthusiastic volunteers with young people aged 10-19. Activities include knitting, embroidery, cake decorating, jewellery making and gift making. It’s a great way to craft handmade gifts and wearable accessories, make new friends, share ideas in a comfortable and creative atmosphere and impress people with your new know-how.

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